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Dr. DiIenno is a hair transplant perfectionist

Dr. DiIenno is a veteran hair transplant surgeon in Tampa, FL who has performed over a thousand hair transplants. Dr. DiIenno, at the Hair Transplant Center, is an artist of hair restoration and has developed a unique approach to making people look and feel young again through precise hair transplants.

Not sure about getting a hair transplant? Does this sound familiar?

You feel your hair slowly disappearing, at first you think it's your imagination and then it starts to become a reality. As more and more hair falls out it slowly etches away at your confidence and self esteem, distracting you from living your life. You start looking at other guys and comparing your hair to theirs. You're looking in the mirror driving to work and can't stop noticing how much hair you've lost.

The cold hard truth is... image DOES matter; it matters at work, in promotions, in relationships and when you look at yourself in the mirror each day. Lack of self confidence will destroy you and you might tell yourself everyday that you'll eventually get over it but honestly, you never will.

It's a neverending seige of mental torture that will only get worse as time goes on.

The Good News

Hair transplants are more affordable and easier than ever before. At the Hair Transplant Center in Tampa, FL; Dr. DiIenno does one hair transplant per day, about 15-20 per month. The average time of a hair restoration is only about 5 hours. The procedure is painless, you can walk out and many people go back to work within 2 days.

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‘Because you can regain a Full head of your own Natural Hair’ “You’ve got hair” says Donald DiIenno , MD, PA.; from the Tampa South Beaches Center - ‘Because you can regain your own natural hair’. At the South Beaches Medical Center located in Clearwater, practices are devoted only to hair restoration of the hairline, Scalp and Eyebrows."

                                                                          - Donald Diienno MD, PA