The Art of Hair Restoration

Get a perfect hair restoration from a hair transplant perfectionist

The magnitude of hair loss within your balding pattern is an obvious factor in determining how many grafts from a hair restoration you may need. Now, the kind or size of graft used for a hair restoration depends on the location, color, coarseness, texture, and curliness of the hair compared to the color of your skin. These factors are important when determining the size of graft used.

People of different cultural backgrounds have different hair restoration requirements. Someone with fine light colored hair and fair skin may require a different size of graft than someone with coarse dark hair and dark skin.

Other considerations are the shape of your head and how your balding pattern may progress as you age, your personal and family history and facial proportions that change with age.

Hair also grows in a specific direction based on the incision of the graft. Every hair graft has got to be inserted with the right angle in order to grow and look natural.

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The hair restoration procedure we offer in Tampa, FL only takes about 4-7 hours, is nearly painless and in the following months your new hair will be growing in. Long gone are the days of obvious plugs and embarassing hairpeices. For just 4-7 hours of sitting in a chair watching movies, you can change your appearance and your life!


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Yes! This is your own, living hair. It is taken from the part of your scalp where your hair is genetically programmed to grow a lifetime. It will continue to grow the rest of your life and will not thin out after being transplanted. Since the entire hair follicle is used, it grows naturally
in the area to which it is transplanted. The result is your own living, naturally growing hair. "

                                                                          - Donald Diienno MD, PA