What Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

Getting a hair transplant costs less than ever now

All hair transplants are different because each head is different. The average hair transplant ranges in cost but can be as low as $800 and as high as $6000. It really depends on how much hair is actually lost.

The value you get at our Hair Loss Florida center hair transplant office is excellent. Price is really nothing next to a lifetime of a better self image. Don't go somewhere just based on price either, because a cheap hair tranplant might save you $200-$500 but it's a decision you can't back out of once it is done.

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‘Because you can regain a Full head of your own Natural Hair’ “You’ve got hair” says Florida based Donald DiIenno , MD, PA. ‘Because you can regain your own natural hair’. At the South Beaches Medical Center located in Clearwater, practices are devoted only to hair restoration of the hairline, Scalp and Eyebrows."

                                                                          - Donald Diienno MD, PA