Detailed Hair Transplants For Men

Losing hair can be overwhelming for a man

South Beaches Center has been performing hair transplants for men in the Tampa Bay area for years. It's affordable, easy & quick; the results are permanent. See our before and after photos.

The results speak for themselves. Having hair again can make you
a newer, happier and more vibrant person.


The procedure is easy, you sit in a nice big comfy chair, watch a movie, chit chat and after about 5 hours, you drive home. Your only issue will likely be covering up the incision spots for a fews days until they are not noticable.

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‘Historically, scalp hair has been a symbol of individual success and power. From the ancient Egyptians through the royalty of Europe to the Hollywood blitz, this is the heritage and society we live in."

                                                                          - Donald Diienno MD, PA