Hair Transplant & Restoration in Tampa, FL

Dr. Diienno is an artist of hair transplants in Tampa, FL

The nations best hair transplant and hair restoration clinic is in Tampa, FL. With a hair restoration, new hair is gauranteed to grow for the rest of your life!

Most surgeons will tell you that the hair has to be spaced out in order to grow well, requiring you to come in for a second treatment, or third. The truth is they just don't have the skill or patience to closely insert the hairs the first time.

Our location inside of the Tampa, FL area performs 15-20 hair restorations per month. Hair loss is devastating to self esteem and confidence, it only gets worse with time. Everyone who gets it, no matter the age, has walked out saying they wished they would have done it sooner.

Call and ask us about getting a quick and life changing hair transplant in Tampa, FL today!

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