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Hair Loss Florida has the best hair transplant surgeon performing the most detailed hair restoration in Tampa, FL. Dr. Donald Diienno, our hair transplant doctor, is one of the best hair loss specialists in the nation. See our before and after photos.

    - We offer the most hair grafts for the lowest cost!

    - We use the most advanced technique! Read about it!

    - It's real hair that is guaranteed to grow for the rest of your life!

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The hair restoration procedure we offer in Tampa, FL only takes about 4-7 hours, is nearly painless and in the following months your new hair will be growing in. Long gone are the days of obvious plugs and embarassing hairpeices!

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‘Because you can regain a Full head of your own Natural Hair’ “You’ve got hair” says Florida based Donald Diienno , MD, PA. ‘Because you can regain your own natural hair’. At the South Beaches Medical Center located in Clearwater, practices are devoted only to hair restoration of the hairline, Scalp and Eyebrows."

                                                                          - Donald Diienno MD, PA


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